"Anahata" means unstruck, unhurt, unbeaten. It is that integral part of you that is intense yet not tangible. A point of intensity so strong that it overwhelms one with its sheer energy. They say that when this point is activated - one is bound to move upwards to higher dimensions of Life.

"AnahataLife" is a conglomeration of scientists and sculptors, photographers and politicians, film makers and mathematicians, dancers and RJs, novelists and engineers. Both left brained genius and right brained talents volunteer in this NGO. These free thinkers come together to create projects. Projects that empower the community. That heal the world we live in.

It could be an awareness campaign, a fund raiser, a social cause or simply a creative outburst.

Our Objectives

  • Well established gurus and mentors can reach out to many untapped talents across the globe and create a pool of genius
  • Software coders who are secretly photographers at heart or investment bankers who like to play violin - get an opportunity to hone their skills and showcase it for public benefit causes
  • Gives a sense of self-fulfillment to all volunteers. For once we work for no money but for the sheer joy of it!
  • It benefits various social causes directly like for instance in our project PRATHAM, we raised money for Sri Lankan Minors in India and also for those suffering from muscular distrophy. Now, with project DWiTiYA, we are trying to create awareness about education for children of trash workers and alternate means of employment for sex workers.
  • It is a platform to bring together arts and sciences together in order to hep create solutions for world problems. A unique way to marry technology and creativity!

About the Founder

Joyeeta Das
Oxford MBA Candidate | Social Activist

Joyeeta Das is an active social activist in late twenties who has volunteered for Missionaries of Charity as a child, CRy as a teenager, National Association for Blind in college and in numerous other social chapters. She has been awarded Cisco Hall of Fame for her field-work and contribution to PROJECT SAMUDAYA (flood rehabiliation in North Karnataka), Deccan Chronicle has featured her for her contribution to Sri Lankan refugee camps. She is a thought leader for many other initiatives like adopt-a-school-campaign, Anatha shishu nivas, Karunashraya etc and been featured in blogs, articles and magazines for her passionate work from a very young age. Times of India has acknowledged her as "young achiever".

Joyeeta is a social and tech entrepreneur with vision for future. She was originally a techie who also worked in start ups as well as international Fortune 6 companies. She has travelled the globe and is passionate about making a difference to the world as we know it.

She is an official IT Strategic Consultant to IshaFoundation.org which is a humanitarian secular foundation known for imparting yoga and meditation techniques.

Joyeeta is also the founder of two international technology start-ups based in London.