PROJECT SANTUSHTI is a project that aims toward bridging gap between surplus food and needy people. On days when you have surplus food, let's not waste it. Connect with us and we will channelize this surplus food to needy people on same day.

We did market research and found out that many a times there is surplus food by end of day in restaurants, cafe`, eateries etc. Most of the time this extra food for any day goes waste and also not usable for next day service. Hence we wanted to channelize this surplus food to needy people on same day. We discussed this idea with few restaurant owners in Bangalore and they really liked it and agreed that many a times they have surplus food and they wonder what to do with it if not throwing it away.

After starting project Santushti, many a times restaurant owners gave food and we channelized it on same day to different organizations like Seva Sadan in Koramangala, Bangalore. It gives a sense of satisfaction to all of us that we this small gesture we are trying to make a different in society for better future.

If you have a restaurant and would like to participate on days when you have surplus food.
JUST CALL US! We will co-ordinate and make this happen.

Celebrating project Santushti with Seva Sadan boys

One of our active partner and volunteer, Carrots restaurant in project Santushti, wanted to spend a day with Seva Sadan boys as part of their CSR initiative influenced by project Santushti. Hence they prepared special vegan, healthy and nutritious food for people at Seva Sadan and wanted to serve them personally. It was quite a welcoming gesture by boys at Seva Sadan that we all started and ended day by thanking almighty to give this opportunity where we are trying to help each other to make this society a better place. It gives a sense of fulfillment to all of us.

Glimpses of event: